Sascha Mallon

Iridescence, ceramic glazed, cashmere , 2018

A Fragile Thread.

Last year I started working on an large scale ceramic installation that currently is on view at Walnut Hill Fine Art in Hudson. I like to think of this recent piece as one large installation, that keeps changing and evolving. Parts of it go in different places when they sell, but then the piece refills and changes. Still they belong together, like we all in this world.

Every new piece feels like a chapter in this large installation.

Everything is connected.  "Fragile Thread"  is an installation about impermanence and the circle of life.  It is a piece about happiness and our inability to grasp reality. My piece is about Security that does not exist. It is about a dreamlike life. I like to inspect, what scares me. I like to tell stories that everyone experiences. I like to know what moves people and what motivates them. My work is not comforting. It seems to be beautiful at first glance, but when you go closer you see what's under the surface. My work is accompanied by text, that does not look to explain what's visually expressed, but rather explores a different layer of reality.

I am interested in stories that life writes.   Source of my inspiration are observations in my environment and daydreams, which I transform. The narratives I create are filled with strong memories and feelings. I am using drawing, ceramic and poetry as my mediums. In my ceramic practice I mount multiple individual ceramic pieces onto the wall and sometimes also add wall painting and accompany my work with text, that wants to be shared in intimate settings.

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